"delly" theme by kota. {temp preview} | {pastebin}


  • lots of color options for things like text, border, links, link hover, text shadow. you know what, just look at the theme. 
  • three custom links. 
  • 250xwhatever your screen res. is set to sidebar (usually 500+ is a good height, probably closer to the 6 or 700px but idk just mess around with it.)
  • if you like long descriptions, like you’re in a roleplay or something and want your characters bio in your description, the overflow is set to create a scroll box for you.
  • This theme was inspired by the edits that I’ve seen all over the glee rp community of “onlysewenteen’s” themes. So, if you liked them as much as I did, here you are, have a theme that doesn’t require any css knowledge on your part, or asking the handlers of your favorite blogs for the code! yay.
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  • As always, message me with questions. 

wishing i was 23" theme by deathstar-s. 

live preview | temporary preview 2 | pastebin

theme features: 

"cool like" theme by kota — preview & code

Oh, look, another minimalist theme. Here are a few features that mine has.


THEME 001 by masterrjedi

Previews // Code

Hi! So this is the first theme that I’m happy enough with to release it for other people to use if they wish. 

It’s really basic so it’s nice for people who like that kinda thing, I guess. There’s a 200x250 sidebar image and it MUST be this size. There’s also two custom link options, plus if you know HTML you can move my credit to a secondary page if you need a third one. 

You can also choose what the message button says, because swagger.

If you would like to add more links, message me and I will adjust the code accordingly, or teach you how to yourself.

I’m not gonna say “like if you use.” Buuuut, it would be nice if you did (:

THEME 002 by kota 

live preview | code

Feel free to customize to your liking (: You can like this post if you use because i love you <3

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